…now, on the back!

October 22, 2008

Lie back on the water.

If you do it correctly, it is relaxing, and you can zen out and float until your head bonks against the wall or lane line. Lengthen the back of your neck, feel like the water supports you, like you are on a bed, and look straight up at the moist dripping ceiling. Or, the underside of a seagull.

The trick is to push your hips up. Squeeze your buttocks slightly, and pop up the hips. Once you have the hips up, then worry about the legs rising up. If this is new for you, take a breath, hold your nose, and just go underwater, on your back, face and all. Push your hips up, and let it happen slowly, find your neutrally buoyant position slowly.

Don’t tilt your head so far back that you’re looking at the other side of the pool underwater! Water will go up your nose in a most unagreeable manner. Lay your head back as if you were resting it on a pillow, looking up at the ceiling.

You will sink if: you look at your toes, or if you let your hips drop.


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